About us



Revolution Machine Works is a world class machine tool provider that works with customers to get the best solution for their machining applications, budget, and skill level. We are comprised of former shop owners, OEM machine technicians so we know both sides of the business and can find a solution that works best for you.  We have a dedicated applications staff to review your projects to find the best machine for you. We understand that every application is different and that budget constraints play as much as a role in making a project feasible as much as the quality and technology of the equipment. That is why we provide all levels of machine tools and equipment from used, rebuilt, to new state of the art CNC Swiss machines and CNC Rotary Transfer machine tools to provide multiple options for our customers so that they can take on more jobs and be successful. We look forward to helping you exceed your goals and provide you with quality service, fast response times, and state of the art equipment to fit your machining needs. 


Kris Fugate


kfugate@revolutionmw.net   1-812-290-1975


17 years experience with Hydromat® Machines, Acme Gridley, Davenport, CNC Machines, Process Engineering, and Shop Ownership. Kris attended St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, OH and later Ohio University and Miami University majoring in Business Administration.  After college Kris worked at his family's machine shop in the Cincinnati area starting out setting up, fixing, and running Hydromat® machines. After gaining valuable experience Kris moved into the process engineering role and eventually to Plant level management where he would oversee the production for 65 employees and balance the demands of various fortune 500 tier 1 and 2  customers across multiple industries. The plant was comprised of 12 Hydromats®, 30 Acmes, 5 Okuma CNC, 33 Davenports which provided a valuable experience for multiple machining applications. Kris has been featured in Today's Machining World and Production Machining magazines for the use and advancement of the Rotary Transfer Machines while in this position at his former shop. Coming from a family owned business Kris understands the perspective many customers have and enjoys finding solutions that fit their situations. Kris has operated a Hydromat® service business since 2012 and is looking to continue to operate an organization that provides the best solutions for our customers. 


Michael Polensek

Vice President of Manufacturing

mpolensek@revolutionmw.net  1-216-407-0956


Mike has over 20 years of Hydromat® experience. A former OEM service technician and machine rebuild technician Mike has a broad experience that allows him to perform world class Hydromat® rebuilds and repair. Mike also has repaired CNC equipment and has worked in a competitive captive and job shop environment. Mike is able to help customers in many ways with their machine tool needs and enjoys helping companies meet or exceed their requirements. 


Bob Murray

Vice President of Sales/Applications

bmurray@revolutionmw.net  1-636-208-3505


Bob has 30 years of Hydromat® experience. A former OEM applications manager, sales territory manager, head of training, and graduate apprentice. Bob knows all facets of the Hydromat® business as well as the Swiss machine business and is looking forward to working with our customers to find the right machine tool and equipment for their application to fulfill their machining needs. 


Raymond Johnson

Director of Purchasing/Parts and Service Sales

rjohnson@revolutionmw.net  1-314-306-1202


Raymond has over 30 years of Hydromat® experience. A former OEM director of purchasing, parts desk manager, Raymond knows the history of the Hydromat® equipment better than almost anyone in the world. Raymond looks forward to every day working with our customers to get the parts and service they need to exceed their Hydromat® goals. 


Jaime Muralles

Service Manager/Sales

jmuralles@revolutionmw.net  1-630-373-2506


Jaime has over 25 years of Hydromat experience. Jaime started out running, setting up, and repairing Hydromat® machines in Chicago, Il. He quickly rose the ranks to department manager and is an expert in Hydromat® repair, service, tooling, set ups, and training. After heading up multiple departments, Jaime became an OEM factory service technician where he learned the CNC and Epic Hydromats® inside and out. Jaime enjoys getting customers machines running to optimal performance and training customers to succeed in Hydromats®.


Monica Hebert


mhebert@revolutionmw.net  1-706-505-6525


Monica earned both a Bachelor of Science in Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from John Brown University. She served 9 years on Active Duty in the Army, 5 of which were in leadership positions along with 3 years ongoing in the Army Reserve, also in leadership. She obtained an accounting internship (over 2 tax seasons) with a focus on Tax Accounting and small business bookkeeping with Providence Financial Services. After that she has spent the last two years in small business Accounting/HR. She strives to ensure an efficient flow of information and resources between Revolution Machine Works and the customers we serve.