Revolution Machine Works. has a FULL SERVICE 6,000 sq ft rebuild facility located in Burton, OH. We are comprised of former OEM staff and Hydromat end users that rebuild all legacy Hydromat components using OEM standard procedures and practices. We test all of our rebuilds on our test stand so that when it arrives it is correct. Revolution Machine Works can turn around component repairs in as little as 48 hours. Standard lead time on units and valves is 1-2 weeks from arrival. All this is backed up with a one year parts and labor warranty.   

In addition to offering OEM quality work and fast turnaround, RMW offers a 30 day price match on all rebuilds to ensure you are paying the lowest price for your repairs. The customer has up to 30 days to provide us with a competitors quote of lower value and we will either match or be lower than anyone else in the industry.

Give a try today and learn why many Hydromat customers are saving time and money with Revolution Machine Works Below is a list of standard Hydromat components that we regularly rebuild.

Tool Spindle Units

  • 20/50 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 20/80 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 26/80 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 26/80 Recess Unit
  • 30/60 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 30/60 Recess Unit
  • 34/60 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 35/60 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 35/60 Recess Unit
  • 35/100 Tool Spindle unit
  • 36/60 Recess unit
  • 36/100 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 36/100 Recess Unit
  • 40/80 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 40/80 Recess Unit
  • 44/80 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 44/80 Recess Unit
  • 45/80 Tool Spindle Unit
  • 45/80 Recess Unit
  • 46/120 Tool Spindle Unit
  • All Hydromat Threading units
  • WDE 20, 30, and 40 Invert unit
  • AE100, AE160, GB160, AE250 Saw Units
  • Index Pick off Units
  • Fette threading units
  • Roll Stamp Units
  • Cross Drill heads
  • Cross Tap heads

Tool Spindle Standard Rebuilds Include the following:

  • Disassemble and clean all components
  • Inspect components for excessive wear or damage
  • Replace bearings
  • Replace seals
  • Powder coat all painted surfaces
  • Perform run-in on spindle bearings
  • 2500 RPM for 1 hour
  • Check heat of spindle bearings – Must be less than 120°F
  • Check run out of spindle – Must be less than .010 mm
  • Check end play of spindle – Must be 0 mm
  • Test hydraulic function of unit on Test Stand. Run for 4 hours no incidents
  • Check for leaks
  • Check for excessive heat
  • Document rebuild on a Component Repair Report

Note: Any components, other than seals and bearings, that have more than 10% wear or damage will be quoted separately for replacement.

Control Valves

  • •ST8-100 Control Valve
  • ST8-150 Control Valve
  • Infinite Rapid Control Valve Rebuild
  • Loading Valve Rebuild
  • Multi Step Control Valve Rebuild
  • Table Index Valve Rebuild
  • Inverting Valve Rebuild
  • Chip Breaker Valve Rebuild
  • Woodpecker Valve Rebuild
  • ST2 Block

Control Valve Rebuild prices include the following:

  • Disassemble and clean all components
  • Inspect blocks for excessive wear or scarring
  • Polish and inspect spools and sliders
  • Replace seals and gaskets
  • Replace check valves
  • Replace hydraulic fittings
  • Test function of valve on Test Stand
  • Cycle valve for 4 hours
  • Test and calibrate feed adjustment when applicable
  • Test Rapid adjustment when applicable
  • Verify leak free
  • Test for excessive heat
  • Document rebuild on a Component Repair Report

Note: Any components other than seals, gaskets and check valves that have more than 10% wear or damage will be quoted separately for replacement.

Other Component Repairs Offered

  • Recess head repairs/rebuild
  • Rack Drive repairs/rebuilds
  • Upper Table rebuild
  • Lower Table rebuild
  • Chip conveyor rebuild
  • Bar loader rebuild
  • Power Pack rebuild
  • HS index drive rebuilds
  • Threading control boxes
  • Index pick off control boxes
  • Full Machine Rewire
  • Dirt Seal surface shaft repair on old style units